Montreal Canadiens HvL (S2E27): Operation Paul Stastny and Tyler Bozak

TORONTO, ON - MARCH 17: Jacob de la Rose
TORONTO, ON - MARCH 17: Jacob de la Rose /

The regular season is over, and the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, it’s an exciting time, but unfortunately, the Montreal Canadiens aren’t involved.

Habsfan vs. Leafsfan Season 2 Episode 27 (Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs).

You’ve probably heard most team’s exit media scrums by now, right? Some provided a sense of security and optimism, while others left their fans scratching their heads and even more frustrated than they were as the regular season went on. Geoff Molson and Marc Bergevin already said their piece to the media two weeks ago, but have you heard it all.

HvL is back at it with more exclusive audio on the exchange between owner and general manager (0:00). Molson wanted answers, and Bergevin provided them. However, they could come off as ‘beating around the bush.’ If you want an idea of how the conversation went down, let’s say it was the perfect mix of John Hughes and Game of Thrones.

The SportsDesk provided listeners with some tidbits of information as the post-season heats up (5:20). At the top of the agenda, the retirement of Daniel and Henrik Sedin, whose community involvement may be reminiscent of events in Montreal, the Leafs franchise records the regular seasons in contrast to the Vegas Golden Knights, and the potential for change within the Montreal Canadiens organization.

Paul Stastny and Tyler Bozak were at the centre of Rehman’s rant this episode (10:49). If John Tavares isn’t available, members of the fanbase are preparing for contingency plans, but to improve depth down the middle, those two are not the ones to fix the issues when the likes of Phillip Danault and Jacob de La Rose are in the mix. They may be an upgrade in some areas, but the long-term price wouldn’t be worth it.

The Leafs have come along way and Ari optimistic of what is to come regardless of what happens in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (14:59). A few tweaks here and there, especially in free agency, can be what the team needs to get them to the prize every year.

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