Top five at 5th - #4 Berkly Catton

Berkly Catton is one of the most talented puckhandlers in the draft and could emerge as one of the top guys when all is said and done.
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The Montreal Canadiens, ideally should draft a forward and if they decide to go that route, there are an array of interesting options.

Because of that, Kent Hughes, Jeff Gorton and the Habs scouting staff have their hands full going over the tape and putting together a draft list. Each pick is important, but the first pick is heavily discussed because it has the chance to impact that roster in the next two years. Sometimes players are even surprised and crack the roster out of training camp.

Everything depends on how the first four picks shake out because that is when the Habs know exactly who they will select. Until then it is what ifs and not much else - if a defenseman gets picked or two, then other forwards could slide. But then again, it could be five forwards in a row and the Habs have to shift their attention elsewhere.

Beckett Sennecke was the guy who I think would be the fifth-best option for the Canadiens. Fourth, I think that Berkly Catton is a guy, despite being on the smaller side, who could end up making the Canadiens out of training camp, if not for sure to start the 2025-26 season. He has game-breaking puck skills and when he finds space he attacks, making the opposition look silly.

Now, this is all at the Ontario Hockey League level and it is a whole different animal in the National Hockey League. But some players come over straight from junior hockey and thrive, while some need time in the American Hockey League, some don't. Zach Benson is a good example with the Buffalo Sabres and Matt Poitras, while neither were dominant, they both proved ready for the show.

Catton strikes me as the type, who has a maturity to his game beyond his years and his competitive edge will set him apart from other prospects at his first NHL camp. The Canadiens have skill, but they don't have a forward with the skills to dash end-to-end and create plays out of nothing. Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki are very talented, but they do things differently, which is why I think Catton would be an ideal option.

Ideally, going for a player with size makes the most sense, but if Catton is available and deemed the best player available, I think he will have the Bell Centre rumbling in due time.