Berkly Catton shouldn’t be slept on

Catton isn't the biggest, but his skills more than make up for it. I don't suspect that whichever team will be too upset about his size.
Spokane Chiefs v Winnipeg Ice
Spokane Chiefs v Winnipeg Ice / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages

Getting bigger has been a focus for the Montreal Canadiens and understandably so, but there is a player who may sway Kent Hughes' decision.

Berkly Catton of the Western Hockey League's Spokane Chiefs is among the most skilled players in the entire league. The 2024 NHL draft-eligible forward has game-breaking skills and while he is on the smaller size, he plays with the heart of a lion. He is ranked a little out of the range where the Canadiens pick, but he is widely considered a top 10 pick.

Cam Robinson - Content Director for Elite Prospects reported that Catton's 2023-24 season ranks him with three current NHLers. Including two future hockey hall of famers Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane. The third is 2023 first overall pick Connor Bedard - all of which have scored 50+ goals and 115+ points in their draft-eligible season.

While dominating in junior hockey doesn't correlate to NHL success, it has for the previous three that achieved the rare feat. And Catton, while not ranked as high in his draft class as the other three were in theirs, has the chops to carve out a successful NHL career. It's not as though he stumbled into the territory that he is in and it's conceivable that he will at the very least top out as a solid top-six talent.

I think that there is a need for bigger forwards and if the Canadiens have a chance to get a highly talented forward with a large frame they should take him. But if not, Catton looks like a player that would make a team regret not picking him. In Montreal's case, he could be paired with Juraj Slafkovsky or Kirby Dach and have the proper insulation to thrive in the league.

The Buffalo Sabres, while bigger up front than the Canadiens drafted Zach Benson, who is on the smaller side and he made them look like thieves. Benson is sure to be a staple in the Sabres top six for many years to come. Catton isn't a sure bet to play in the NHL right away or to be as impactful as Benson, but he has plenty of talent and plays a mature game.