Slafkovsky reaches 50 points in game 82

Many wondering if he would score 20 points this year, Juraj Slafkovsky did so much more than that.
Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadiens
Detroit Red Wings vs Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Game number 82 for the Montreal Canadiens took place on the Bell Centre ice and Juraj Slafkovsky made it count.

Slafkovsky assisted on a Cole Caufield goal, which was Caufield’s 28th of the season. The assist was Slafkovsky's 30th of the campaign. It drew him one point closer to reaching 50.

It wouldn’t matter if he hit 50 points or not, because the growth that he has undergone this season is seismic regardless. He has emerged as one of the organization's best forwards and perhaps brightest players. Slafkovsky has silenced everybody that doubted him after his rookie year. 

In what would read like a storybook ending, Slafkovsky waited in front of the Red Wings net. Lane Hutson danced around the blueline, looking for time and space stickhandling like he was chopping lettuce. As soon as he found his opening, he fired a shot towards James Reimer and Slafkovsky got his stick on it deflecting it into the net. 

Hutson’s second career assists in as many games put a nice bow on Slafkovsky’s sophomore season. A 20-goal, 30-assist season that was so much more important than his 50 points could ever say. Slafkovsky developed into the exact player that the team needed and that Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield would most benefit from. 

After the goal, Suzuki was the first one to congratulate Slafkovsky; giving him a quick hug. The chemistry and appreciation for one another have become huge amongst the top line, but Slafkovsky has fit like a glove with what was once a brilliant duo with No. 22 and 14. A formidable top line has formed, and the Canadiens can be sure of that if nothing else. 

Slafkovsky has developed into one of the most exciting Canadiens players and his hard work has been the catalyst for his success. Many things have gone right, but it was far from a smooth sail down the river. There was plenty of frustration and obstacles to navigate through, and Slafkovsky was rewarded for it all with a firm spot on line one. 

Not that Slafkovsky was thinking about the money or anything, but his 20th goal secured him a $250,000 bonus. Pretty solid way to end your second NHL season and head into the summer as a 20-year-old. Now with Hutson and Mike Matheson operating from the top of the blueline, Slafkovsky is sure to get plenty more opportunities like the one that earned him goal number twenty.

I'm not sure what his potential is, but there should be plenty of reason to believe that he hasn't yet reached it.