3 recently traded pending free agents who would ignite the Canadiens in 2024-25

It’s not likely, but the Montreal Canadiens could add some established talent to their team in 2024-25, and perhaps that talent comes from a few recently traded players.
Tampa Bay Lightning v Montreal Canadiens
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While they don’t have and won’t acquire an ideal amount of cap space before LTIR, there are quite a few recently traded players who could serve as a huge help for the Montreal Canadiens in 2024-25 and at a reduced price. No, those mentioned in this article wouldn’t be with the team long if signed, but the idea here is to help move the Habs along while those who will be ready to see more ice time in the NHL later can keep developing. 

This concept, if you noticed, has been relatively similar in many previous posts regarding free agency, with potential stopgaps mentioned in the past. But we haven’t talked much about players who had been traded back in March, many of whom may be looking for a short-term landing spot in July. 

Jason Zucker could come at a reduced price and bring some defense

Jason Zucker could be the most talented defensive forward listed who meets the criteria for this piece and would come at a price general manager Kent Hughes could afford. The Habs were relatively physical last season, registering roughly 22 hits per game, and Zucker could transform them into an even edgier bunch. 

His overall defense-first mentality is also something the Habs can use, as they also gave up way too many shots on goal last season - 33.4, to be exact. He wouldn’t completely turn around Montreal’s so-so at best play in the defensive zone, but his plus-1.6 possession quality in Arizona and Nashville this past season shows he can be an effective puzzle piece for inconsistent teams. 

As is the case with each player on this list, Zucker adds the presence of an experienced veteran. And that, too, will suit a team that could be getting even younger for the upcoming season.