How much cap space do the Canadiens have in the 2024 offseason?

The Montreal Canadiens could take another step in their rebuild, but they may not get much help in the 2024 offseason, thanks to so little projected cap space.

Montreal Canadiens v Seattle Kraken
Montreal Canadiens v Seattle Kraken / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The Montreal Canadiens likely won’t add many free agents from the outside to assist them in their ongoing rebuilding efforts during the 2024 offseason. This organization has just two pending unrestricted free agents in the active lineup, and that means their 2024-25 group will look similar to what we have seen this year. 

But that’s not a bad thing since one look at their projected draft picks over the next three years signifies general manager Kent Hughes will build the prospects pool via the NHL Draft. So, the fact they have just over $10.3 million in cap space shouldn’t disappoint many fans. 

Hughes is taking the right approach with more focus on the draft, and he has over 30 picks for the next three seasons. If he brings in the right players, Montreal will inevitably start winning a lot of hockey games a few years from now. 

While the team’s points total in 2023-24 won’t show it, Hughes already has maintained and continued to build a brilliant core in Quebec. 

Montreal Canadiens focus will be on the draft for the 2024 offseason

Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Arber Xhekaj, and quite a few young defensemen make up the more interesting cornerstones of this core, while Juraj Slafkovsky has come around this year to prove his naysayers wrong. Players like these should excite the fan base, and as many arrived via the draft, young stars like Suzuki came via sound trades.

It was good to see Hughes keep many of these players, like Suzuki, who were already in the system. Now that the rebuild should continue to enhance what is already a decent prospects pool look for Hughes to bring in a limited number of players, primarily stopgaps, to fill any potentially vacant spot in the lineup or to just provide organizational depth. As for any “prize free agents,” adding them just won’t be necessary for the upcoming offseason.