Montreal Canadiens: 4 Habs Already Packing Bags 4 Weeks From Trade Deadline

Jan 27, 2024; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jake Allen
Jan 27, 2024; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Montreal Canadiens goaltender Jake Allen / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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David Savard

If there is one thing these general managers in the National Hockey League like more than they should it is Ryan Reaves, After that it is veteran defensive defensemen who kill penalties and block shots.

David Savard is not Ryan Reaves but he is a veteran defensive defenseman who kills penalties and blocks shots. He was traded at a deadline three years ago and then went on to help the Tampa Bay Lightning win the Stanley Cup. He blocked shots, killed penalties and just played smart defensive minutes for that team and could do it once again.

You could make the argument that since he also has 11 points in just 28 games this season, and had only six points in 40 games before being traded at the 2021 deadline, that he has more trade value now than when he was traded for first and third round draft picks.

If anyone offers a first round pick, Savard will be packing his bags and heading out of town on the next flight. Since he is exactly the type of player general managers look for at this time of year, expect him to be dealt.

Jake Allen

The Canadiens need to end the three goaltender experiment. First of all, because it is an experiment that had been tried in the past and just does not work. We know that already so why even bother trying it out?

Secondly, we have gotten the answers we needed at the beginning of the season. Allen is a fine veteran option and we knew that anyway. What we have learned is that Sam Montembeault may very well be a solid starter in the NHL and Cayden Primeau deserves to hang around with the Canadiens as an option as well.

So what we really learned is Allen is no longer needed since a Montembeault/Primeau tandem would be just fine.

Also, there are a handful of contending teams with questions in goal. The Edmonton Oilers, Carolina Hurricanes, New Jersey Devils, Colorado Avalanche and Los Angeles Kings all consider themselves among the teams with a chance to win it all, yet they also need help in goal.

One of them is eventually going to offer the Canadiens what they want for Allen. It is just a matter of time and then he will be packing his bags and heading out.