Montreal Canadiens 2010 Draft Class: A Small Class Offers Plenty NHL Experience

Brendan Gallagher was a valuable pick in the fifth round.
Brendan Gallagher was a valuable pick in the fifth round. / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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Brendan Gallagher
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Round 5

147th Overall - Brendan Gallagher

It isn't easy for a fifth-round draft pick to find his way to the NHL. It's even harder for them to play 752 games. Brendan Gallagher needs no introduction to Habs fans. The longest-reigning Canadiens has posted 218 goals, 208 assists, and 516 penalty minutes for the club since making his debut in 2012. Injury issues slowed him down sooner than he would've liked, but prime Brendan Gallagher was an exciting time for Habs' fans.

The veteran almost won his first Stanley Cup in 2021 when he helped lead the team to the finals, but a disappointing six-point performance over the 22 games was one of the reasons the Habs' depth couldn't pull off a fourth upset against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Brendan Gallagher's career may not be looked upon as fondly due to his recent struggles, but a rebound performance of 31 points in 77 games last season could mean he has a few good years left.

Round 7

207th Overall - John Westin

Westin never made it oto North America, playing four seasons with Timra in the Allsvenskan before retiring in 2018. He stayed at Timra as the equipment manager and will continue the role in 2024-25.