What would a hypothetical trade for Trevor Zegras look like for the Canadiens?

The Montreal Canadiens may not acquire long-term talent from outside the organization this year, but a trade for Trevor Zegras would be an outlier.
Dec 15, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras (11) plays the puck against
Dec 15, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Anaheim Ducks center Trevor Zegras (11) plays the puck against / David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports
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The ultimate trade package for Trevor Zegras

There is no doubt that the Habs will try and trade David Savard this summer, and for a few good reasons. While the Ducks will look to put together a young team this coming season, they also wouldn’t mind acquiring players who they could later move at some point in 2024-25, or at least around the deadline. 

That said, the trade would likely involve Savard, but the Ducks need way more than just a 33-year-old defenseman who wouldn’t factor in with the team long-term. Beyond Savard, look for the Canadiens to give up a first-round pick in 2025, plus a mid-round pick - I’m going with a third-rounder for 2026. 

The major downside would mean giving up at least one high-end prospect, most likely a forward, in exchange for someone of Zegras’ talent, so Owen Beck, a former second-round pick, sees his name called. He’s not the ideal candidate to move, but to acquire someone more established with the potential to put up at least 60 points a year, it’s a fair trade. 

Plus, Beck will be eligible to move into the AHL ranks in 2024-25, and the Ducks would want a prospect who can potentially play full-time in the NHL by 2025-26. Finally, I had Kent Hughes moving an NHL-caliber defenseman, Justin Barron. 

I’m a big fan of Barron’s, but he has yet to solidify a spot with Montreal’s big club, so it made sense to move him, too. Because of the large number of picks and prospects on the move, I also had Anaheim flip the Habs a fourth-rounder to further even out the trade.