Former Hab Monahan will be huge mentor for Columbus centers of the future

Sean Monahan was the perfect mentor for Nick Suzuki; with Kirby Dach hurt, he helped the team in more ways than one.
Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils
Winnipeg Jets v New Jersey Devils / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

When the Montreal Canadiens added Sean Monahan to the squad, many factors made the decision a homerun.

Monahan is the type of player that makes his linemates better simply by playing with them. There are so many little things that he does right and he plays the game down the middle the right way. He doesn't cheat and plays the game on the full sheet of ice.

When a young center or centers get to watch him play and practice with him throughout the season, there is so much to learn. Not only does Monahan play at a high level and take the pressure off the younger center's, but he is a coaches dream. The fact that he plays the game the right way and is always willing to put the team first shows how important a player he is.

The Columbus Blue Jackets swooped in nabbed Monahan after seeing what he did with the Habs and Jets throughout the 2023-24 season. With the club's brightest talents at the top of the prospect pool being centreman, a mentor is crucial. Having a guy on the ice who is such a great two way presence teaching your centers of the future is a no brainer.

Fantilli and Lindstrom will benefit from Monahan's presence

Adam Fantilli and Cayden Lindstrom are the one a - one b centers of the future for the Blue Jackets. If both players reach their potential, the Jackets will have quite the advantage for top six matchups. If Fantilli and Lindstrom can be put out against the toughest matchups, they will be able to weare down the opposition.

In Montreal, the plan was for Nick Suzuki and Kirby Dach to run the top two lines, which would have been a great scenario for the Habs. Both could learn from and alongside Monahan, which would be tremendous for the rebuild since both players will be better for it. It didn't happen that way, but for the Jackets to secure Monahan's services, they, like Suzuki will learn an awful lot of good habits from a player like Monahan.