3 Canadiens players who shouldn’t return next season

The Montreal Canadiens are still a rebuilding bunch, meaning some of their older players will be on the move for the upcoming offseason.
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The Habs must trade David Savard this summer

David Savard’s name floated around the trade rumor mill earlier this season, but the Canadiens had no takers. Yet there is no reason for the 33-year-old to stick around a young team that should be looking for ways to move its older players while they still hold value, and Savard could at least warrant a mid-to-late-round draft pick in a trade or even a high-end B-prospect. 

Looking at Savard’s stat line - both basic and advanced - there should be an adequate demand to trade for the experienced blueliner. Savard has provided sound help in the offensive zone with six goals and a rather good 11.8 shooting percentage with 18 total points, and he could still fit into the top-four with a team that needs a stopgap on the blue line for 2024-25. 

He’s still blocking shots at a high rate, finishing checks, and logging short-handed minutes on units that have allowed fewer goals when he is on the ice. The same goes for his 5-on-5 game, where the Habs have given up just 44 goals while he’s out there, sitting well below one goal per game. 

Overall, he would still bring value to the Habs, but moving Savard also means more assets for Kent Hughes, and that must take top priority at the moment.