12th ranked U24 Habs player - Jordan Harris

Jordan Harris has been a jack of all trades, but master of none with the Canadiens. His maturity and poise on the ice blend masterfully with his mobility and intelligence.
Florida Panthers v Montreal Canadiens
Florida Panthers v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

For the month of May, aside from the NHL Draft lottery, there isn’t much going on. So here at A Winning Habit, I’ve decided to rank the 24 best Canadiens under 24 years old. I opted to rank players that are closest to the NHL, so aside from David Reinbacher, there are no 2023 Draftees. 

So, without further ado, let’s go ahead with the 12th best player, in my opinion, Jordan Harris.

Jordan Harris hasn't looked back since his final season of NCAA hockey with the Northeastern Huskies. After captaining the Huskies, Harris hopped on a plane to Montreal and managed to make his NHL debut and an additional nine games to finish the 2021-22 season. Harris managed to pot his first NHL goal during that span, and while it wasn't indicative of an eventual offence explosion, it was a feat to build confidence on.

The following season, Harris showed plenty of confidence; skating as part of a young blueline with a combination of defenders who had yet to shave. Aside from Mike Matheson, David Savard and Chris Wideman, the Habs blueline was quite young. But watching Harris play with such poise and calmness, you'd never know he was a rookie.

Harris's game is predicated on smart, efficient puck play and rarely gets caught out of position. If necessary, he has some shiftiness to his skating and he can shimmy and shake away from defenders or use his great foot speed. His vision and IQ keep him out of trouble and he gets the job done, with a steady efficient approach.

Experience is what has Harris so high on the list and the fact that he doesn't hurt the team is another feather in his hat. But, it wouldn't be all that surprising if he was leapfrogged by this time next year; not because of any fault of his own, but because of the strength of the Habs prospect pool. The Canadiens' defence depth could be the ultimate factor that determines where his NHL future plays out.

I think Harris is a real option to be packaged at the draft, either to move up and get another top-15 selection. But, he could also be dealt to acquire an impactful forward to beef up the Habs offence. He doesn't do a lot to move the needle offensively, but he would certainly be a welcomed addition to any blueline throughout the NHL.

Harris ranks 12th, and deservedly so; however, his lack of any true elite skills could be what sees him drop down the list.