Where will the 2024 NHL Draft be held?

The NHL Draft will be the first live-televised event at The Sphere in Las Vegas. Let's see what you can expect from one of the league's premier events.
The Sphere in Las Vegas
The Sphere in Las Vegas / Anadolu/GettyImages

The NHL Draft has become a little stale over the past ten years. The usual routine was a rotating cast of teams hosting the event in their home stadiums. The fans cheered when their team came to the podium and booed whenever Gary Bettman tried to speak. The league realized they needed something fresh to ignite people's interest in the draft, and they may have the perfect solution by putting it at The Sphere in Las Vegas. On June 28-29, the world's best NHL prospects will gather to see which team will draft their rights.

Vegas may seem like an interesting location to put a bunch of 17 and 18-year-old hockey players, but it's hard to ignore the effect that Vegas has had on hockey since entering the league. One of the best gameday atmospheres takes place at T-Mobile Arena and the NHL hopes that will carry over to The Sphere. Steve Hill, president and CEO of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, seems very excited about the opportunity in a press release from the NHL.

"Hosting the 2024 NHL Draft at Sphere perfectly captures Las Vegas’ evolution as the Sports and Entertainment Capital of the World. Las Vegas has been a hockey town since the puck dropped at the first Golden Knights game in 2017. As the reigning Stanley Cup Champions, we couldn’t be more thrilled that the NHL chose Las Vegas and this truly innovative venue to welcome its next generation of players."

Steve Hill

Macklin Celebrini, Future San Jose Shark?

The NHL Draft Lottery took place on May 7th, and for the first time since 2010, the draft order went unchanged after the lottery. The San Jose Sharks held on to the top spot, getting the chance to pick first overall for the first time in their franchise's history. Projected first-overall pick Macklin Celebrini will be a welcome addition to the Sharks, especially with his ties to the team and city.

Celebrini grew up in Vancouver, but his father, Rick, is the Vice President of Player Health and Performance for the Golden State Warriors. Celebrini spent some time in the Bay Area, even donning the teal before with the Junior San Jose Sharks minor hockey program.

The Canadiens didn't move up in the draft, staying in the No.5 spot they had owned. After drafting defenceman David Reinbacher last season, the Canadiens could try to target a skilled forward. Players like Cayden Lindstrom, Tij Iginla, Cole Eiserman, and Berkly Catton should be available for the Habs at No.5.