Montreal Canadiens need to steer clear of Patrick Kane sweepstakes

The Montreal Canadiens need to steer clear and avoid a trade for Patrick Kane as this offseason comes to an end. With the Chicago Blackhawks making several moves this offseason, including sending Kirby Dach to the Canadiens on draft day, they may not be done yet.

The Montreal Canadiens may be enticed to add the future Hall of Famer, but spending resources to bring in another forward would be better spent in other areas. Steering clear of Patrick Kane seems like the best option.

After all, Kane wants to go to a team like the Toronto Maple Leafs, who may only need that one piece to be a cup contender. The Habs could be that close if things go exceptionally well in 2022-23, but they must first test the waters for what this team has to offer.

Montreal Canadiens should steer clear of Patrick Kane.

Kane, a 15-year veteran of the NHL, may be traded by the Blackhawks in the near-ish future. He’s coming off of a season where he scored 26 goals and added 66 assists for 92 total points over 78 games played.

The season before that, which was shortened due to the pandemic, left Kane to play in all 56 games, scoring 15 goals and adding 51 assists for 66 total points. He’s been one of the focal points for the Blackhawks during his tenure there.

However, the Canadiens are going to be relying on their own sources of offense, and in 2022-23, the name of the game is going to be youth. While it might be silly not to trade for a future Hall of Famer, it feels like the Habs will be better off without him in the long run.

It’s been a successful offseason, and while they have banked two future first-round picks and added other draft capital, why waste it on a short-term addition?

Now, if the Habs get to the trade deadline and look like they are a piece of two away from making a run while the team is hot, then that’s a different discussion. But as it stands, it feels like the best option is to roll with what the Canadiens have.

If another top-tier name who is younger comes onto the trade market, then maybe the Canadiens can jump on it, but for the time being, they should steer clear of getting into the Kane sweepstakes.

After all, Kane is 33 years old, and the Canadiens are not one of the favorites to land him, either. Kent Hughes has been aggressive and stuck his neck out at times, but he should steer the ship the other way this time when it comes to Kane.