Which Celebrity Is A Fan Of The Montreal Canadiens?

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We’re at the mid way part of May and the province of Quebec is going through it’s first unexpected heat wave. Montreal Canadiens fans are outside having drinks and debating about who stays and who goes this offseason. Of course, some fans are beyond excited with the prospect of drafting Shane Wright and for some time now.


Bob over in accounting is still angry that Jacques Demers got fired. Jenny in the lab will tell you all about Nick Suzuki’s hair grooming routine. While Jean-Paul over in sales complains daily about the team even though he hasn’t watched a game since 1986.

The Montreal Canadiens are a worldwide institution. There are fans at literally every corner of the planet and they come from all walks of life. There are even a few celebrities that are hardcore Canadiens fans.

While we recognize some of our hardcore readers as celebrities of A Winning Habit, such as Tyrone, Chickenfoot, HabWright and allan just to name a few, we’ll dedicate a section for you hardcore fans in another piece.

For now, here’s a few celebrity fans from the world of sports and entertainment.

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