Montreal Canadiens: Max Pacioretty trade talk, Kotkaniemi buzz, and RFAs

MONTREAL, QC - NOVEMBER 25: Max Pacioretty
MONTREAL, QC - NOVEMBER 25: Max Pacioretty /
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Montreal Canadiens
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1) What is your take on the entire Pacioretty situation so far and do you think he will be traded? If so, what’s the deal?

Zachary Cook: The Montreal Canadiens have wholeheartedly mismanaged the Max Pacioretty situation. It seems rather unlikely that Bergevin and Co. can salvage it, and it also doesn’t really seem like they want to either. Therefore, the likeliest scenario is a trade of the Canadiens Captain. It’s difficult to assess what Max’s value is after having a down year, but at the same time, he still has to be considered one of the premier goal scorers in the National Hockey League.

With that being said, Bergevin’s bread and butter seem to be one-for-one deals, ALA Alex Galchenyuk and P.K. Subban. So if I had to make a projection, something around a draft pick and Nick Bjugstad makes some sense. Is that what I would do? Probably not, but I’m not Marc Bergevin. Once again, keep in mind that Pacioretty’s value isn’t what it has been in the past, and the Canadiens don’t NEED to trade him.

Nick Lariviere: I think if Max Pacioretty does, in fact, get traded, it will be closer to the deadline. I think that all these rumors have played down his value after a rough season. He will need to get back to the Max we know before a trade happens. I could see a team like LA or Anaheim offering a great prospect with a 1st round pick for his services if they are in the playoff race.

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Wesley Smith: Max Pacioretty has been a great leader for the Montreal Canadiens. Unfortunately, I believe his time is running short. Management has made it clear they’re looking to move on from the skilled winger, but because they’ve done it so publicly, I think the value of their captain has dropped rather significantly. I personally do believe that Pacioretty will be moved prior to the beginning of the season, but as I mentioned in a previous article, the more time it takes, the fewer amount of teams value the player as time is not the Canadiens friend in this situation.

I believe the Calgary Flames would be an excellent trade partner for the Canadiens and a great destination for Pacioretty. A deal could fetch the Canadiens Sam Bennett, a previous 4th overall pick who hasn’t lived up to that hype as of yet, and one of Calgary’s highly touted defensive prospects ( I believe it would be Oliver Kylington) a good puck-moving defenseman. This move would work well because the Canadiens get another center and one with a high ceiling as well as another piece to add to their blueline which outside of Shea Weber isn’t overly skilled.

Mitchell Kantrowiz: I think it has been handled poorly. Competition between teams should keep his value high, but the leak telling us there is no plan to re-sign him hurts. I am still not convinced that trading Pacioretty is the best thing on a team starved for goals, especially after moving Galchenyuk for another playmaker. Maybe Domi can even develop chemistry with Pacioretty.

At this point he has to be moved purely due to everything going on behind the scenes. He won’t return without captaincy, and Bergevin doesn’t want him as captain. Until we know who the playoff teams are for next season, we can’t know for sure what we will get; preferably all picks and very young prospects.