The Anaheim Ducks Have Named Their Zegras Price for the Montreal Canadiens

Rumors have been swirling for what seems like forever linking Trevor Zegras of the Anaheim Ducks to the Montreal Canadiens. A high skill forward like Zegras could fit in well into the Habs top-6, but is the price too steep? The Canadiens will have to give up high value in order to get him, most likely including a high profile, young defender.
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Not Trading for Zegras


There isn't really much more to say here, is there?

If anyone is trepidatious about trading a young defender for a skilled, young forward, all they have to do is point to this nightmare. The Montreal Canadiens swapped picks and gave up the previous year's 9th overall pick Mikhail Sergachev for a young, highly skilled but underperforming forward and former 3rd overall pick Jonathan Drouin.

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Sergachev is still a really good middle pairing defender with the Tampa Bay Lightning and is now a two time Stanley Cup winner. Jonathan Drouin never fully gelled with the Canadiens, never topping 20 goals or 55 points. His time was plagued with mental and physical health issues, but has found new life as a Colorado Avalanche, having a career high in points last year.

There is no question that Kaiden Guhle or David Reinbacher will have a long and great NHL career, whether it will be with the Montreal Canadiens or the Anaheim Ducks. They both have too much skill to not work out. The only question is if the return will be worth it.

All you have to do is watch Trevor Zegras to understand that he has incredible skill in the offensive zone. Zegras is quick, has very soft hands with the puck and is a fantastic passer. He also has a good shot. He just hasn't been able to put it all together in the NHL yet.

The problem? You could have replaced Trevor Zegras with Jonathan Drouin in the last paragraph, and it still would have been true when Montreal traded for him. Its very easy to see Zegras becoming Drouin 2.0.

And if the Montreal Canadiens traded for Zegras, all the pressure would be on him. Kind of like how all the pressure was on Drouin. The pressure can help players, but it can also be a hinderance. Every bit of Zegras' game will be micro-analyzed and every little error will be magnified. Especially if Guhle or Reinbacher get off to a hot start in Anaheim.

If it were up to me, I don't think I could pull the trigger on a trade including Guhle or Reinbacher for Zegras, but I am not a betting guy. I would rather take the certain thing in Guhle or Reinbacher rather than the risk with Zegras. I would hold out to see if there is a better option on the market later.