Slafkovsky Lends Knowledge To Reinbacher

Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

The big story for the Montreal Canadiens has been the arrival of 2023 fifth overall pick David Reinbacher, and it prompted a question for Juraj Slafkovsky about him.

As expected Slafkovsky has led by example, much like Nick Suzuki, who is always willing to give advice. Slafkovsky knows that Reinbacher is oozing with talent, but will need some time to adjust to the North American game. The speed of the game and the lack of time and space will take some time to adjust, but Slafkovsky gave Reinbacher a vote of confidence, stating that he is ready.

Reinbacher arrived in Laval today, in time for team picture day, and he is expected to make his AHL debut this weekend. He also practiced with the Habs farm team and looked pretty darn good in the Bleu, Blanc and Rouge sweater. All signs point to him making his debut against the Belleville Senators on Friday night.

It can be assumed that Reinbacher is champing at the bit to get his taste of action with the Rocket. The timing couldn't be more perfect with the squad trying to carve out a playoff berth. So, while Reinbacher isn't going to play for the Canadiens he will certainly get in some competitive hockey ahead of his first full season in 2024-25.

His play will be viewed under a much larger microscope now that he has arrived in Laval, but some of his former competitors swooned over him. For a 19-year-old, his mobility and intelligence on the ice look like a veteran 11 years his senior. A pair of veteran professional hockey players weren't light on their compliments for the young Austrian.

Canadiens management knew exactly what the club was getting with Reinbacher. The confidence they have in their development staff makes them hopeful they can get the best out of him. And his season in Switzerland, albeit disappointing, shouldn't sway anybody's opinion about him negatively.

The kid is ready to put his season behind him and shift his focus to the Rocket. With multiple coaching changes and little traction during his draft-plus-one season, the pressure won't be any easier, but the situation is much more conducive for steady development. Thibaud Chatel reported Kloten's firing of their general manager, who should shoulder much of the blame for the dumpster fire that the club was this season.

One step closer to his dream, Reinbacher finally has his opportunity to get some reps in and show the Habs' brass just what he is made of. Somewhat a student of the game, Reinbacher reportedly kept his eyes on what was going on in Montreal. Surely he is aware of the pressures that come with playing in Montreal, but having Slafkovsky and the Habs' young core to lean on will be tremendous.

As I mentioned before in an article, Slafkovsky's rookie year struggles make him the ideal mentor for Reinbacher to bounce questions off of.