Should Montreal show interest in Sam Bennett?

Sam Bennett has terrorized the Boston Bruins and adding him to the Habs would certainly push the Bruins buttons for many years to come.
Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers
Toronto Maple Leafs v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Montreal Canadiens general manager Kent Hughes hasn't been shy about his wishes to beef up the team's offensive production.

There are two clear-cut ways that he can do that in the immediate future, either by signing a free agent or making a big trade to bring in an impact player. The option that seems to be most viable is acquiring a player via trade. Otherwise, there is a good chance that a free agent gains lots of attention and a bidding war comes from it, which we don't want.

But, there may be an option too good from this July's crop of free agents for Hughes to pass on, one that would address any size questions and would help insulate the skilled players. Bennett might not necessarily move the needle in the top six, but on a short-term deal, he could be a good option. His current deal has him earning $4.425 million a season, based on his production over the past three seasons, it seems likely that he won't get more than five million a season.

Bennett has proven with the Florida Panthers that he can hurt you in a variety of ways, while his offensive touch isn't great, he is a pain to play against. His relentless style and infectious personality would certainly make him a great addition to the locker room. And with the younger players funnelling through the system into Montreal, the added toughness would be welcomed.

His age could be a reason to avoid taking a swing on him, but there is no doubt that he is a player who is built for the playoffs. And with the Canadiens moving ahead in their rebuild, adding a player of his ilk to the fold could be huge for their aspirations next season. Certainly, it will take each player buying in and pushing to be better next year, but nobody who watched the team this year believes the players were satisfied with this season's results.

For Bennett to consider signing elsewhere it would take some convincing and in Florida, he plays alongside his best buddy, Matthew Tkachuk. But the way that Nick Suzuki leads and the others are following, I don't expect that the Canadiens will be that far off for a wildcard spot. Should they squeeze in anything can happen and it won't be a mere flash in the pan, this team is being built for the long run.