Montreal Canadiens: Could Sean Monahan Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving?

Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens
Winnipeg Jets v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

For the Montreal Canadiens it seems quite apparent that if not for Sean Monahan, the Kirby Dach injury could have completed taken the wind out of the teams sails.

However, the Canadiens have not had to deal with that issue, simply because Monahan has been a bright spot for every line that he’s played on. Monahan has been a coaches dream for Martin St. Louis, and often when a player struggles, a shift to Monahan’s line seems to be the remedy. With a young centre like Nick Suzuki finding his way, Monahan has served a mentor role and been a blessing for the group of centers.

This season, Monahan has been able to stay healthy, which has translated to solid production. In front and around the opposition’s net, Monahan digs his edges into the ice and parks himself in front of the opposing goaltender. Like a magician in front of the net, he deflects shots and redirects passes to send the goalie for a swim. 

He instantly makes the powerplay better with his net-front presence and strength in the faceoff dot. Monahan has all the tools you could ask for for a playoff contender to elevate a team for a Stanley Cup run. If a general manager were to write a list to Santa for after the all-star break, Monahan would check off many different boxes. 

Could Monahan Change His Sweater For Christmas?

Kent Hughes knows the value of the asset, and Monahan should very seriously be keeping Hughes’s phone line busy. 

A mastermind for trades, and a true gentleman when conversing with other gm’s about trades. Hughes is the right man to iron out a deal, where the Habs make out like bandits, but the counterparts get their piece and feel they got fair value.

Whether it be part of a package or just the sole piece of the trade, Hughes has a massive asset and could make a nice nest egg ahead of the 2024 Draft. 

Or maybe it’s a younger roster player, who can be added right into the Canadiens top six to grow with the current young core.

Regardless of what Hughes does, Monahan could end up being that shiny gift under a general manager’s Christmas tree. 

And he will just continue to help the Habs, and then his new team in the playoffs, which is exactly why Monahan appears to be the gift that keeps on giving,