Ranking The Montreal Canadiens Defenders Most Likely To Be Traded At Trade Deadline

Feb 27, 2024; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jordan Harris.
Feb 27, 2024; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Montreal Canadiens defenseman Jordan Harris. / David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports
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The "Very Likely Not Going Anywhere" Tier

Either because of poor performace and not being wanted, or being a unique player the Canaidens want to keep, these players would shock the Canadiens fanbase if they were to be traded.

7. Arber Xhekaj

It is tempting to suggest there is absolutely no chance Arber Xhekaj could be traded by the Montreal Canadiens. He is a physical freak that dominates any battle he gets in on the ice. He also has a bit of offensive upside and an absolute cannon from the point, as seen when he launched a puck over 107 miles per hour at the Canadiens skills competition.

However, it sometimes seems like maybe Xhekaj and Canadiens management are not on the exact same page. He did spend 17 games in the minors earlier this season, after not playing a game there last season, and St. Louis has been hesitant to come to his defense after some penatly calls.

It still seems nearly impossible they will deal him, but if a huge offer comes along, it is possible that Xhekaj could be moved. Incredibly unlikely, but possible if another team really, really wants him.

6. Justin Barron

The Canadiens are a rebuilding team who need to add as much young talent as possible to improve their position in the standings in future years. That means they should be looking to add smooth skating young players like Justin Barron.

However, their right side of the future is almost sure to feature Logan Mailloux and David Reinbacher fairly prominently. They also have David Savard and Johnathan Kovacevic playing there now, and players like Jordan Harris and Kaiden Guhle who have performed well on their off side.

So, if a team offers a really good young winger for this really good young defensemen, the Canadiens should pull the trigger. It seems more likely to be an offseason kind of trade, and it is also possible the Canadiens have no interest in moving him, but there is a chance a great offer comes along.

5. Mattias Norlinder

Mattias Norlinder has not played a game with the Canadiens this season, but he was up on the roster for a while without playing a game. He had a great training camp but has not had a great AHL season. At 23 years old there may be a team out there that offers up a struggling forward that needs a chance of scenery for the smooth skating Norlinder.

It wouldn't be much of a blockbuster trade, and isn't extremely likely to happen, but serves as the grovery stick between the less likely defenders to be dealt and the ones who have a higher probabillity of being moved soon.