3 promising prospects who could find a role on the Canadiens next season

The Montreal Canadiens have one of the league’s better prospects pools. It’s a testament to a rebuilding organization, and there is a lot of NHL-ready talent.

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Joshua Roy will win a full-time role out of camp for the Canadiens

The 150th overall pick in 2021, Joshua Roy has already found a role with the Canadiens prior to sustaining an injury that may keep him out for a while, but the 20-year-old played quite well. Unlike Reinbacher, who won’t see time until he gains plenty of experience in Laval, Roy is the one player on this list who will make the jump from part-time NHLer to full-time in 2024-25. 

He more than showed he was NHL-ready despite playing just a half-season with the Rocket, where he recorded 32 points and 13 goals in 40 contests. Since Roy joined the Canadiens earlier this year, he has just nine points and four goals in 23 games, but his level of confidence is unlike any other, and that will go a long way when a player like Roy had to start his career behind the eight-ball.

Next season should still be another growing year for the Canadiens, so having a young player like Roy, who can be effective regardless of which end of the ice he’s playing, will be a luxury. Best yet, he will be a surefire piece to a core of young players who are maturing or who have matured into serviceable, if not solid, NHL talents. Roy is one player you can expect to elevate his game at least another rung when the 2024-25 season commences.