Two players to buy and one prospect to sell for the Canadiens at the trade deadline

While the Montreal Canadiens have plenty of players to sell at the trade deadline, there are a few young players this organization should consider buying.

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The Montreal Canadiens should see several players on the move at the trade deadline, including goaltender Jake Allen and defenseman David Savard. For the third year running, Montreal is residing toward the bottom of the standings, so it’s more than understandable why they would like to get some type of compensation for their older players who wouldn’t stick around Quebec much longer considering the team’s full-on rebuild. 

Just because the Canadiens should do all they can to sell, they also need to keep bringing in young talent, and if that young talent has NHL experience, consider it a bonus. Luckily for Montreal, there could be many youngsters aged 25 and under on the move later this week. These are players the front office must at least inquire about, given their high ceilings, low cost, and the sheer possibility that they could be steals at the deadline. 

Canadiens should try to shop for young talent at the trade deadline

Better yet, the Canadiens are in a position to ‘sell’ a veteran at some point before March 8th, and they can even demand a specific young player to be included in a trade package. Such a trade would help both teams in the short run, with a contender getting a player who could help them win a championship, and the Canadiens acquiring someone who could become part of a young core. 

While there are several top-end talents out there the Canadiens could try to snag in a trade, the players listed here aren’t game-changers. However, they are established enough to at least become serviceable lower-liners who will help the Habs when they don’t have the puck. 

So, if the Canadiens decide to do some ‘buying’ amidst all the selling, which two players should they go after? Additionally, a potential ‘buy’ may also cost them a prospect, so which prospect should they offer to another organization?