Pierre McGuire Believes Nick Suzuki Can Be A 90-100 Point Producer With Improved Powerplay

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Nick Suzuki
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I'm not sure if Suzuki will produce in the 90-100 point range during his NHL career, but I do feel that Slafkovsky and Cole Caufield haven't reached their ceilings yet. Hutson hasn't stepped on NHL ice yet either and the Canadiens have yet to make their 2024 first-round draft selection. What I'm saying is, that it's hard to assess things until players have time to grow together and build chemistry.

Dach was still developing and growing before he went down with injury and with some sustained playing time, he is likely to take another step. Newhook, a guy who I wasn't sure could work out on the powerplay has, and Roy is so smart and just breaking in, so I think he has a few more levels to go. Needless to say, there are some talented players in the mix, who could find themselves on the powerplay before all is said and done.

With a brilliant hockey mind like Marty behind the bench and the rebuild moving along, the likelihood that the powerplay will improve is very high. Blend in the players who are already in Montreal and growing with the ones who are on their way, and the outlook changes. There is a real reason for hope and excitement, and there might be a few players with the potential to score 70-plus points in the coming years.