Pierre Houde shares what he likes best about the Habs

The voice of the Montreal Canadiens for RDS gives his thoughts on the current version of the team.
Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens
Edmonton Oilers v Montreal Canadiens / Richard Wolowicz/GettyImages

Not many unite a fanbase like RDS’s Pierre Houde does for the Montreal Canadiens brass. 

So when Houde speaks many listen and during a recent interview with The Montreal Gazette, he did just that. Houde shared his thoughts on the current edition of the Habs. It wasn’t so full of energy and passion, but his words perfectly demonstrated his excitement for what the Habs would be. 

Exciting is putting it lightly. Montreal’s future is in the hands of a promising group of under-25 players and a respected group of veterans. That’s not to mention the prospects that are breaking into the system, either down in Laval or with the big club. 

It’s intriguing to hear the voice of the Habs broadcast’s speak so highly about the teams' vision. That’s not to say that he knows something that we don’t, but he can vouch for the character within the organization. It’s been spoken about time and time again and the vision is well on its way to being established. 

Surely he will have many more chilling goal calls that have fans on the edge of their seats. I expect Lane Hutson will break some ankles with his shifty skating and brilliant vision. And Arber Xhekaj will throw some bone-crunching body checks that fire up Mr. Houde. 

With Jacob Fowler coming through the pipes and Samuel Montembeault doing his best Carey Price impressions, highlight-reel saves will get him hyped up as well. As he mentioned Suzuki is 24 turning 25 and there is no telling when he will reach his ceiling, but if he reaches a new benchmark, it will be so satisfying hearing Houde make the call on live television. And then there is Cole Caufield, could you imagine him scoring 50 goals and Houde erupting just as the arena goes nuts? (I know it might not be on home ice.) 

One thing is for certain, as the team keeps growing and improving - Houde’s legendary, hyped-up calls will happen more often. With Kent Hughes quiet so far this season, minus a couple of training camp invites, there is still time for him to bring in an exciting trade acquisition. Not to mention whoever Hughes drafts fifth overall - will surely electrify the Bell Centre at some point. 

Houde calls the game like he sees it and is one of the best in the business. So, let’s hope the team gives him more reasons to give listeners chills with his play-by-play.