Montreal Canadiens: The Habs Continuance Of Three Goalie Carousel Has Caused Harm

Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens
Ottawa Senators v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Any way you cut it, the three-goalie decision has done more negative than positive, and that's putting it lightly.

The closer that the Trade Deadline gets, the urgency to solve the goalie debacle grows. At this point, getting any sort of return for Jake Allen would be some wizardry by Kent Hughes. But wizardry is exactly what the Canadiens need; because simply put, Cayden Primeau's development has almost completely lost a full season of work.

Nobody is debating who the starting goalie is, but it has become increasingly curious - why hasn't a goalie been traded? Primeau is likely to get claimed if placed on waivers, with the purpose of an AHL assignment. But, if he isn't good enough to play here, how important is it really to retain the 24-year-old?

Allen has been atrocious, and the idea that he will garner any interest dwindles away a little more with each loss. You would have to think that the touchdown and extra point he gave up to the St. Louis Blues tarnished his value even more. But it's become less about the return and more about giving Primeau the starts, that are so important for his growth.

The intention by Habs management wasn't to have two goalies riding the bench, while Samuel Montembeault exhausts himself with nearly every start. But it's quite unclear what their plans are, I don't imagine burning an important year in Primeau's development was on Kent Hughes's bingo card. But, alas, here we are, and something needs to be done.

With 11 starts through 52 games, it is hard to imagine that Primeau feels very confident with so few starts. Primeau is benefitting from being around the NHL club; getting a good feel for life as a Hab. But sitting in the press box or on the bench isn't doing anything good for him.

With a handful of teams needing some help between the pipes, at what point does retaining some of Allen's cap hit become essential? You don't want to seem desperate to move a player; it could depreciate their value, if another GM feels like they have leverage. But this experiment isn't working, and the quicker it's resolved, the better.

There is still time to move on from Allen, and give Primeau a nice little run to find his footing. At just 24 years old, there is still time for him to become a solid 1B goaltender, regardless of where it happens. Stunting his growth, could totally ruin his value to the team and on the trade market.

As I was wrapping this article up, he was confirmed to be starting against the Anaheim Ducks.