Montreal Canadiens: Teeing Up Team USA World Junior Tournament Opener Versus Norway

Boston College v Massachusetts-Lowell
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The Montreal Canadiens management will have plenty to watch with the upcoming World Junior Hockey Championships in Sweden.

USA and their high-octane offence will kickstart their tournament schedule against the Norwegians. The Americans are a favourite to win the entire tournament. Craig Button’s pick for tournament MVP is Philadelphia Flyers prospect Cutter Gauthier - while I believe Lane Hutson is the guy who will be the tournament's best player. 

American Roster

Here’s a look at the American’s roster for the 2024 WJC’s.


Rutger McGroarty - Cutter Gauthier - Jimmy Snuggerud

Gabe Perreault - Will Smith - Ryan Leonard

Quinn Finley - Oliver Moore - Frank Nazar

Isaac Howard - Danny Nelson - Gavin Brindley 

Extras:  Carey Terrance, Gavin Hayes


Lane Hutson - Ryan Chesley

Erik Pohlkampf - Sam Rinzel

Zeev Buium - Drew Fortescue

Extras: Seamus Casey, Aram Minnetian 


Jacob Fowler

Trey Augustine

Extra: Sam Hillebrandt

The leadership group consists of - Captain Ruther McGroarty and his four assistant captains - Lane Hutson, Cutter Gauthier, Ryan Chesley and Gavin Brindley. 

The Norwegians should be light work for the Americans. Although they certainly won’t take any competition lightly. Their 2024 roster is stacked with NHL-drafted talents, and they have high expectations. 

Anything less than a Gold Medal will be a disappointment, and this group has tons of familiarity. I fully expect them to challenge Canada right until the end. I won’t make any predictions because the tournament can be a different monster. 

For your viewing pleasure, I thought it best to include Team Norway’s roster as well.


Kasper Haugen-Evensen - Patrick Dalen - Michael Brandsegg-Nygard

Kasper Magnussen - Felix Granath - Alieu Moldal Bah -

Noah Steen - Martin Johnsen - Petter Vesterheim

Mats Bakke Olsen - Sander Wold - Oskar Kind Bakkevig

Extra: Johannes Lokkeberg


Gabriel Koch - Ludvig Lafton

Tobias Bjercke Larsen - Christopher Lie

Mathias Papuga - Stian Solberg

Extra: Emil Kvernmo Wasenden


Markus Rohnebaek Stensrud 

Martin Holtet Lundberg


Sebastian Hagen Aarsund

If any game were almost a sure win, it would be this one. But the tournament is a different animal, and often times, some teams end up losing games after taking opponent's too lightly. So stay tuned, although the Americans aren't likely to do that.

Puck drop between the Americans and Norwegians is set for 11 a.m. on Boxing Day.