Montreal Canadiens: Slafkovsky’s Increased Shooting Will Open Up Space For Caufield

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With Top Line Secure, The Second Line Needs Attention

Kirby Dach
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It’s obvious that the Canadiens offense is going to rely heavily on the top line. But if Caufield and Slafkovsky can be legitimate scoring threats, it will be huge for the team. It’s a start and with the top trio together, focus can shift to the second half of the top six. 

The 2024 Draft should answer who will fill out the second line with Kirby Dach. Alex Newhook is certainly one option, but he will need a larger sample to determine where he fits. Apart from No. 15 and 77, there are no guarantees in-house to play in the top six. 

With two picks in hand for the 2024 Draft as we speak, there are a plethora of different scenarios that can play out. All of this should result in the Canadiens improving their offence. The top selection should be used on the top forward that is available, but the late pick from the Jets is very intriguing.

Hughes has shown a willingness to acquire under 23 players, who can help sooner rather than later. It could be a great story if the second line were to be made from trade acquisitions. Dach, Newhook and Trevor Zegras? Haha, that would be pretty cool. 

Packaging the late first with another prospect and young defenseman could be enticing for general managers throughout the league. Whether the package is to bring in a player or move up in the draft, Hughes has once again put the team in an enviable position. Because of his ability to make great trades, the Habs are on the right track. 

Now we wait to see what happens before the Trade Deadline, then of course at the draft.