Montreal Canadiens Rumors: Beckett Sennecke At Fifth Overall Becoming A Reality

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There is an independent draft combine in Miami, Florida, which could affect the Canadiens' future. Some news from the camp immediately impacted betting odds for the fifth-overall pick and the shape of the 2024 NHL Draft.

Dan Milstein is hosting an independent combine for teams to attend, which features some of his Russian and North American clients. The group includes Ivan Demidov, Zayne Parekh, Artyom Levshunov, and more. There have been rumors about teams in attendance, but none have listed Kent Hughes as being there. Hughes not being on the list of those in attendance is nothing to worry about. He could have scouts sent in his place, or he could be there, and the media isn't aware of it. The combine also runs for five days, meaning he could show up sometime this weekend.

However, what does Demidov appearing in North America mean for the Canadiens? Well, he impressed everyone in attendance at the event. Scott Wheeler raved about him on social media, which seems like the consensus.

In theory, that would be a good thing for the Canadiens, as it looked like Demidov may fall to them at number five. Demidov emerging as even better than expected could cause the draft to completely flip and change who will fall to the Habs at five.

The odds on FanDuel reflected that. Beckett Sennecke has the second-highest odds behind Cayden Lindstrom for the fifth-overall pick, which changed today after the news of Milstein's combine. The betting odds are usually good to monitor with the draft, as the oddsmakers have some of the top information.

I can make an educated guess that some news or conversation at the Milstein camp puts Demidov in the top three of the draft. If that's the case, it's a 50/50 shot whether Columbus takes Cayden Lindstrom or a defenseman at No. 4. That would explain why Sennecke and Lindstrom now have near-identical odds to go fifth-overall.

If Lindstrom goes fourth to the Blue Jackets, I think the Canadiens are eyeing Sennecke with the fifth pick, assuming Demidov went second or third. All the draft rumors stated that it would be a run of defensemen with picks 2, 3, and 4, leaving the Canadiens with a decision between Lindstrom and Demidov at 5. However, it's starting to look like neither of these players will be available for Kent Hughes.