Montreal Canadiens: What Will Habs Lineup Look Like In 2025-26

New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens
New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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Line Four - Rafael Harvey Pinard-Jake Evans-Jesse Ylonen/Filip Mesar

This line could stand to add a little more size, but each of the three players, aside from Mesar plays bigger than they are. Speed and strong positional play will be the driving force for the trio. While supporting one another is how the fourth line will thrive, their play in transition through the neutral zone should give the opposition fits. 

Harvey Pinard is the dog on a bone, and any loose change in front of the net is often cleaned up by him. Evans is just a reliable centre who makes very few mistakes and could be the perfect complementary piece, using great speed and strong defensive instincts. Ylonen will also aid in the defensive zone, but can use his speed in transition and his offensive instincts paired with his great shot will be a sure bet for some goals.

For a fourth line to be this fast, smart and still capable of growth, the Habs depth could become a strength. I think a Florian Xhekaj would be the perfect option to slot in for some added size and strength, but otherwise, the trio will keep opponents on their toes. Evans is strong on the penalty kill and his strength on faceoffs, make him the ideal fourth-line center. 

Such balance and strength throughout the lineup will serve the Habs well in the playoffs. There are a few other options that might find themselves in the lineup, but this appears to be a cohesive group of 12 forwards to run the Canadiens offence.