Montreal Canadiens: What Will Habs Lineup Look Like In 2025-26

New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens
New Jersey Devils v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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It seems quite apparent that the Montreal Canadiens are still moving along in the rebuild, but waiting on some player's arrival. 

Scattered all over the globe, the Canadiens have pieces that aren’t quite ready for the jump to professional hockey. A few prospects are dispersed throughout the NCAA, the OHL and some in Europe. Each progressing closer to making the jump.

Just ahead of them are the few players playing within the Canadiens organization. Down in Laval the Habs have a couple of guys who could find themselves on the big club sooner rather than later. Possibly a top-four defenseman, and two top-nine forwards. 

There is so much skill and talent on the way, and Kent Hughes has begun scouting for the 2024 Draft. With that, there is another player who will join the Habs fold early at the draft in June. A player who will likely be as important to the organization as Hughes's last two picks. 

Juraj Slafkovsky is advancing towards becoming a massive piece for the top six. And in Switzerland, David Reinbacher is playing important minutes on the top pair for EHC Kloten in the NL. Both players will be huge for the Canadiens' rebuild, and the Habs ‘24 draft selection will be no different. 

Habs Starting Lineup - October 2025

I will break it down by offence, Defence and then goaltending. So lines one through four, and defence pairs one through three. The two goaltenders will be discussed last. 

The Offence

Line One - Cole Caufield-Nick Suzuki-Juraj Slafkovsky

This line is just starting to find its next gear, with Suzuki and Caufield mentoring Slafkovsky. Once Slafkovsky hits his stride, his two linemates will be in their prime. Slafkovsky will be 2 and will have another full season under his belt. 

With 22-14-20 on the top line, they will be the catalysts that drive the offence. The stud two way center, with his elite goalscorer and power forward wingers. This line is exactly, in my eyes, is exactly where Hughes drafted Slafkovsky to play.

With the Habs a year and a half further into the rebuild, having a well-established first line will be crucial. Thankfully, the cards fell right for the Habs. Vegas no longer wanted Nick Suzuki, and 12 teams passed on an undersized Caufield. The first overall pick was the cherry on top. 

They will lead the offence and complement the second lines speed and skill beautifully.