Montreal Canadiens: Nick Suzuki Organically Growing As A Leader

St Louis Blues v Montreal Canadiens
St Louis Blues v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis emphasized how captain Nick Suzuki continues to grow as a leader during his post-game presser on Tuesday night.

It was particularly interesting when he said that Suzuki continues to grow organically. 

He continues to play the game the way he knows it best. And it’s hard to argue against that approach - seeing how crucial the captain has been for the Canadiens. 

It comes so naturally to him, with no stress; at least from the outside looking in. He remains healthy game in and game out, and his IQ, above all else allows him to continually succeed. No matter the situation, it never appears to be too big for the 24-year-old.

For the Vegas Golden Knights looking on, it has to be a tough proposition, watching their former 2017 first-round selection develop into such a huge piece for Montreal. 

But the Canadiens are better for it, and credit will always go to former general manager Marc Bergevin. What a trade, and the best part is: that Suzuki is still underrated. Pegged as nothing more than a second-line centre on a Stanley Cup contender.

Baffling, I know, but that’s okay because he has done everything to rewrite the narrative. A leader in every sense and an impactful presence at both ends of the ice, Suzuki has done everything that a top-line pivot would be expected to. And he does it all will a swagger about it, plenty confident with zero cockiness. 

Humble and quiet; Suzuki has absorbed a little bit from each veteran that has come and gone. So, while he is still quite young, his maturity has been a huge reason why the Canadiens coaching staff has leaned so heavily on him. Leading the forwards in ice time each night has become the norm for the Canadiens captain.

He has led a very promising under-25 group for the Canadiens. And it has to be a confidence builder for the Canadiens when considering moving big veteran presences like David Savard and/or Mike Matheson. Every lesson and piece of advice will only help Suzuki to mentor the leadership group of the future. 

It’s incredible to think that the Habs traded their captain in an attempt to milk the best return possible out of Max Pacioretty. And, one part of that trade return has become an integral pillar for the club. One thing that can never be questioned is the impact No. 14 has had on the Canadiens in a short time. 

He has tasted success and accepted defeat right on the cusp of a shot at a Stanley Cup. Every experience has conjunctively moulded Suzuki into what he is today. His production is mighty impressive, but only after you consider how important of a leader he is for the Canadiens. 

Suzy; as Coach Marty calls him is a silent leader, and he goes about his business with the pride of a lion.