Montreal Canadiens: Nick Suzuki Honoured As NHL's Third Star Of The Week, And The Top Line Is Hot

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Habs' Top Line Has Been Hot

Mike Matheson, Cole Caufield, Juraj Slafkovsky
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Let's lay it all on the table right away, and have a look at what the two other parts of the top line have been doing this year.

Caufield and Slafkovsky are the club's two best offensive weapons, and the fact that they are both under 23 years old, tells you all you need to know. They have a tremendous runway for growth and the way they are playing right now is only a small tidbit of what's to come. Caufield hasn't hit the 30-goal mark yet in his career - he had 26 before going down with injury last year - but he is the likeliest of all the Habs to do it.

Slafkovsky, however, didn't appear to be a threat for more than 10-15 goals; earning his keep in the assist department seemed most likely. But if you take a look at his positioning in the offensive zone, and the way he uses his vision to read plays ahead of time, his ceiling has only grown higher. It doesn't seem so unlikely that he will hit 20 goals this year, despite starting the season on a cold streak.

Like Caufield touched on, Slafkovsky has an undying thirst for knowledge, he is a student of the game. Whether he is asking questions on the bench or working well before and after practice, it's obvious that he has the 'It Factor". He always has a smile on his face, just like Caufield and he doesn't seem to feel like he is working, but more so having fun.

The inquisitive approach and undying passion to continue improving and growing have fuelled the Habs top trio. The domino effect throughout the lineup will be huge for the organization's culture. And with more time to grow and learn - you have to think that while the losses are frustrating and trading away locker room staples is tough - it won't be all for naught.