Montreal Canadiens: Five Players Habs Could Buy At Trade Deadline

Dec 18, 2023; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN;  Montreal Canadiens defenseman Justin Barron.
Dec 18, 2023; Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN; Montreal Canadiens defenseman Justin Barron. / Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Victor Olofsson

The Canadiens are not likely to make big trades with a division rival, but there are times when it can make sense. This one would only make sense if the Canaidens stay within a couple of points of the playoff race and the Sabres continue to lose like the.... well like the Sabres always do.

If the Sabres do fall out of the playoff race, one player they will be looking to move is Victor Olofsson. He is a real threat to score on the power play with his incredible one-timer and would give the Habs another option with the man advantage that could help them win a few extra games down the stretch.

Though he scored at a nearly 30 goal pace for each of the past four seasons, he is not having the same success this season. With a plethora of younger options making their way to the NHL in Buffalo, Olofsson isn't getting the same role he did in the past. In his reduced role, Olofsson has four goals and 11 points in 26 games this season.

A move to Montreal could provide Olofsson a chance to play on the top power play with Nick Suzuki, Cole Caufield, Sean Monahan and Mike Matheson. He can put the puck in the net when he gets the chance and he would get chances on that man advantage. It would also open up more opportunities for Caufield as there would be another lethal shooting threat from the opposite side of the ice.

His struggles this season make him a low cost, hopefully high reward type of target, but that makes sense for a team like the Canadiens just trying to move from bottom feeder to playoff contender.

It really shouldn't take more than a third round pick, or a later pick and a defense prospect like William Trudeau that is buried on the Canadiens depth chart. Worth the risk for a guy who can fill the net with pucks.