Montreal Canadiens: Cole Eiserman Would Write The Perfect Story For Hughes-Gorton

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Montreal Canadiens General Manager Kent Hughes might not have a more fitting selection, who is also likely to be in their draft range than Cole Eiserman.

And the Canadiens top two decision makers should take a long look, which I discussed in a recent article a little bit. But I think that the player deserves more attention, because he fits perfectly in with what the Habs need. The fact that he plays in the United States National Team Development Program, like Cole Caufield and many other young American stars did before him.

Eiserman has already committed to play his college hockey freshman season with the Boston University Terriers for the 2024-25 campaign. The 17-year-old has that wow factor, especially in the offensive zone, he attacks rapidly, and his laser shot devastates goaltenders. The fact that he has such high offensive IQ, sets off his brilliant toolkit, and he is a threat to score from long range.

I recently wrote an article about Konsta Helenius, and I thought that a little mini series of players that I feel could fall to the Canadiens would be of interest. To appease that feeling, I thought this could be the perfect follow up to the first article I wrote. There is a range of five players that could realistically hear their names called by Hughes, and with that we will discuss Eiserman's traits.

Analyzing No. 34 - Cole Eiserman

I mentioned that he thinks the game so well in the attacking zone, and the brilliance of it, is that while he doesn't get lost in the zone like Caufield, he is always ready to shoot and in a higher danger position to score. His shot is scary good, and he isn't shy of using different shot styles to score from different areas. Eiserman is already 6' tall and a tub of margarine less than 200 lbs and he leverages the size and strength in his shot.

Caufield instantly has his name in the conversation, if the Habs are taking a long look at Eiserman, for obvious reasons. But truth be told, the comparisons end there, Eiserman has some similar qualities to Auston Matthews. Like number 34 of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Eiserman likes to curl the puck with his blade and drag it into a shooting position, and you know the rest.

Constantly working at his craft, is why he continues to be able to stymie the top competition. It's obvious that the Terriers know they will get a record shattering goal scorer. And it's not to say he will reach Matthews level, I hate the Leafs, but number 34 is different, and that's why he is such an elite talent.

The real weakness to Eiserman's game, is very much like some of the NHL's premiere snipers, he sometimes seems disinterested in the defensive side of the game. He looks calm and cool but laser focused, predator ready to pounce on his prey in the offensive zone. However, he looks like the total opposite way from the puck, almost like he has a turkey induced food coma.

I think that this doesn't matter, and can be worked on once he is selected by an NHL club, and he will learn a ton in college. Caufield, Arthur Kaliyev and even Trevor Zegras weren't ever going to be shutdown forwards. But Caufield has taken significant strides in his defensive game, and with NHL coaching, Eiserman will do the same.

His 2023-24 season, has been more of the same story as his 2022-23 season, he continues to score goals and make it look easy. It's not at all easy, the Canadiens are all too familiar with having a lack of high end scoring talent. Which is precisely why I think that they have been watching Eiserman and he could really be a smart pick for the Habs top six.

Eiserman will play this year in the USNTDP and then play a season with the Terriers, much like Macklin Celebrini is doing now, in my opinion. But after a year of college hockey to bulk up and get faster and stronger, I think he will be ready. I also think that in the right setting, he could be a threat for the Calder Trophy. I will take it a step further, I think he could mess around and score 30 goals also.

This kid is a gamer, and Martin St. Louis expresses how much he likes hockey players, not just guys who play hockey. Eiserman is exactly that, and he is coming through the ranks, that Hughes and Jeff Gorton are very familiar with. It's essentially their backyard, Boston hockey and the NCAA run deep through their resumes and contacts.