Montreal Canadiens: Are The Canadiens One 35-Goal Scorer Away From Being Contenders?

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NHL Central Scouting Top Five NA & International Skaters

Cayden Lindstrom
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At the moment, the Canadiens are leaning closer toward a wildcard spot than a draft lottery position. So it’s tough to assess where they will pick, and who will be available when they do. But according to the top five international and North American skaters - there are some talented players. 

The North American skaters are kickstarted by presumptive number one overall selection Macklin Celebrini. Artyom Levshunov - a right-shot defender and Cayden Lindstrom - a six-foot-five left-shot center round out the top three. Zeev Buium, a left-shot defender for Michigan State University and left winger Trevor Connelly for Tri-City in the USHL. 

For the International top five prospects, Finnish Liiga 17-year-old center Konsta Helenius kickstarts the list. The number two and three ranked prospects hail from Russia - 6-7, 211-pound left-shot defenseman Anton Silayev and  5-11, 181-pound left winger Ivan Demidov. Round out the top five are right-shot defender Adam Jiricek and right winger Emil Hemming, from TPS in Finnish Liiga. 

Of the bunch, Lindstrom and Demidov stand out. Both of which would provide the Canadiens with a perfect selection, that would impact the Habs in short order. While the season has showcased inconsistencies in the Canadiens game, they have grown and the draft will give a big reason for excitement. 

Even if the Habs pick outside of the top 15, with Hughes trade assets in hand and a first of his own. The Habs might just add a name from one of the top two lists. Kent has a plan for the Habs and I have the draft circled boldly on my calendar, in anticipation. 

With strong scouting, the Canadiens are sure to get something good, whether it’s pick six or 22.