Montreal Canadiens: 24 Thoughts On Jacob Fowler's World Junior Debut

United States of America v Canada: 2023 IIHF World Junior Championship
United States of America v Canada: 2023 IIHF World Junior Championship / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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Second Period

Five minutes into the second period, and while USA is still playing fast, it appears the Swiss had a long intermission to think about their first period. The Swiss have more pep in their step, but Fowler has been a brick wall since letting in the Weber goal.

Brindley came into the zone as a second layer and waited in the wings for a feed from Nazar. Huet had no time to react before Brindley's shot was already past him. 6-1 for Team USA, just under six minutes into the period.

The majority of the American roster is occupied by NHL-drafted talents. Minus Buium who is a top prospect for the 2024 Draft. But let's just say it's pretty safe to assume he will be off the board early in June.

Swiss penalty for slashing while down 6-1, just seems like playing with fire. Hutson hasn't emerged yet, and the USA has a brilliant powerplay, which has been quiet today so far. Leonard did what he does best, he took a pass from Brindley and drove it straight to the net, and past Huet. 7-1.

Not long after that, barely halfway through the game, Brindley double-dipped again. After two goals against Latvia, Brindley has continued scoring. The hat trick watch is on again, after Snuggerud's in the first period.

Fowler hasn't been tested all that much, but he has answered the bell when the Swiss are around the net. He also has an assist on Brindley's second goal of the game and period. Fowler has been calm, cool and collected through the first 25 minutes of the game.

On a delayed penalty call with Fowler on the bench, USA took advantage of the extra man. Howard was the latest beneficiary of the American's swarming attack on the Swiss. He fired a nice shot past Huet. Only the fourth line has yet to find the score sheet - Nelson - Hayes - Finley.