Lane Hutson's Two Points Power BU Past RIT

2024 Hockey East Championship - Semifinals
2024 Hockey East Championship - Semifinals / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

In a must-win game, Montreal Canadiens prospect Lane Hutson opened the scoring for the Boston University Terriers.

But the way he did it, is exactly how Hutson has made the Habs brass come to expect. He made a ridiculous toe-drag move around the defender, leaving him looking like Bambi. Then he patiently held onto the puck and roofed a pretty backhand shot.

It doesn’t matter how big the moment is, Hutson will do as Hutson does. Not only was the play impressive, but he made a well-timed pinch and made an incredibly poised play. Had it been any other defensemen on the team, the coach might have been less than pleased, but Hutson isn’t just any defenseman; as we’ve come to know. 

He wasn’t done there, though, pulling out all the stops in a two-point effort. Drawing an assist on the Terriers' 3-1 tally. The primary assist matched his 48-point total from his freshman season. 

Also notable - Hutson achieved the feat in three fewer games this season. And if he can get two more on Saturday, he will hit the half-century mark. 

The tally would hold up as the eventual game-winner, securing BU’s place in the Sioux Falls Regional final. Minnesota, who features Canadiens prospects Luke Mittedstadt and Rhett Pitlick, will play the Terriers on Saturday. On the line will be a spot in the Frozen Four final, slated for April 11-13. 

With a win on Saturday, that would mean Hutson gets a much shorter time with the Habs this season. But he would gain some experience for his first full pro season next year. While getting a chance to finish out his NCAA career, potentially on top. 

Otherwise, a loss would ensure he gets to come over sooner. But from a purely developmental standpoint, the Frozen Four experience would be good for Hutson. Then a couple of games to close out the Canadiens season would still allow him to dip his toes in the water, so to speak. 

If it wasn’t obvious after his freshman campaign, it is glaringly clear now that Hutson is ready for a new challenge. Whether that is in Laval or Montreal next year is yet to be determined. But as Cole Caufield did, Hutson will sign his entry-level deal at the end of his sophomore season. 

And when he departs, he will leave with a highlight reel package to tell his grandchildren about.