Lane Hutson On Pace To Best Rookie Season Totals In Fewer Games

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There's nothing more to say about Montreal Canadiens' top prospect Lane Hutson that hasn't already been said.

But that hasn't stopped Hutson from continuing to rip up the college ranks. Incredibly, he is on pace to shatter his 48 points from his rookie season. With two assists on Thursday night against the Providence College Friar's in a 4-2 win, Hutson has hit the 40-point plateau. He sits at 41 points through 31 games.

Just seven points shy of his 48 from the 2022-23 season, Hutson has eight more games to score seven points. There's likely nobody betting against the 5 foot 10 defender to achieve the feat. In what is likely his last season of college hockey, Hutson has been playing his best hockey.

Hutson and the projected number one overall selection for the 2024 NHL Draft, Macklin Celebrini have connected on more than a few goals. So it was fitting that Hutson's 40th point came from an assist on a Celebrini goal. Hutson made a smart one, maybe two-foot pass and Celebrini did the rest.

Hutson and Vancouver Canucks 2023 11th overall selection, prospect Tom Willander drew assists on Shane Lachance's game-winning goal. Hutson's second point of the night is another instance that shows how helpful he will be in Montreal. Albeit, likely only two games, I can't wait to see Hutson play an NHL game.

The Canadiens have lacked a talent on the blueline like Hutson since Andrei Markov. I still remember all the sweet passes that Markov made to Alex Kovalev, Shea Weber, PK Subban and Max Pacioretty. It may take a bit of time before he adapts to the NHL game, but the Canadiens will certainly give him all the patience he needs.

All the pieces are coming together and it's more about the contracts coming off the books than anything right now. This is why Hughes was mostly quiet up to the Trade Deadline. The Habs have two first round picks this year and next, and a budding prospect pipeline.

Montreal isn't likely to get the chance to draft Hutson BU Terriers buddy, Celebrini. But the Canadiens have some great young talent already on the powerplay, and with Hutson in the mix, I expect they will all make each other better. I vehemently feel the Habs made a mistake not bringing Markov back to reach 1,000 games played.

Luckily there's another guy wearing No.20 for the Terriers, who looks about as sure as can be to occupy 'The General's' old role. Juraj Slafkovsky might love shooting once he has Hutson feeding him passes, and Cole Caufield is likely to earn more chances. There are plenty of great passers, so a shooter in the mix will be in heaven.