Lady Byng Memorial Trophy: History, Montreal Canadiens Past Winners

The Canadiens Head Coach knows this trophy well from his playing career.
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1988 - Mats Naslund

Mats Naslund
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Mats Naslund was one of the top forwards for the Montreal Canadiens during the 1980s. He played for many in the Swedish League before moving to North America in 1982-83. Naslund spent eight seasons in the NHL before returning to Sweden, then made a comeback in 1994-95 with the rival Boston Bruins. Naslund won a Stanley Cup with the Canadiens in 1986.

Naslund never spent much time getting to know the penalty box attendants in his career. He beat Wayne Gretzky for the Lady Byng Award, recording 14 penalty minutes. It wasn't the lowest total of his career, as he had just four penalty minutes in 77 games in 1984.