King Clancy Memorial Award: History, Montreal Canadiens Past Winners

Nick Suzuki has been a special player on and off the ice for the Montreal Canadiens.
Nick Suzuki salutes the crowd in final home game.
Nick Suzuki salutes the crowd in final home game. / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages
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2022 - PK Subban

P. K. Subban
PK Subban brings one of his friends from the Montreal Children's Hospital to the NHL All Star Game. / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

No one took the loss of PK Subban from the Canadiens harder than members of the Montreal Children's Hospital. He was a big part of the community in Montreal, which makes it surprising that he never won the award sooner. However, the NHL righted a wrong by giving him the award before retirement.

Subban donated $1 million to support Le Spot, a mental health clinic in Montreal. He also matched donations of up to $100,000 to help Ukranian cancer patients who arrived for life-saving treatments. Subban founded the PK Subban Foundation and was a co-chair on the Player Inclusion Committee. He dealt with causes such as racial and social justice, underserved youth, COVID-19 relief, and youth hockey.