Kent Hughes Confirms The Habs Are Ready For Lane Hutson

Boston University v Merrimack
Boston University v Merrimack / Richard T Gagnon/GettyImages

Montreal Canadiens general manager was asked during a recent interview on the sick podcast with Pierre McGuire and Jimmy Murphy about Lane Hutson’s future. 

Simply put, Hughes was quick to respond that he wants to sign Hutson to his Entry Level Contract and bring him to Montreal. It’s not as though we didn’t know how good that Hutson is, but Hughes’s words tie a bow on it. He is very close to the NHL, and the Habs are patiently awaiting his arrival. 

If the past indicates anything, Hutson will continue improving and growing as a player. He continues to make NCAA competition look silly, and his crazy numbers are on par with some really good current NHL defensemen. Hutson elevates his play, and each challenge he takes on just translates to more growth in Hutson’s game.

I have zero doubt that he will be one of the Canadiens' best players pretty quickly. Hutson processes the play a few steps ahead, and when he strikes, opponents often look baffled. The shifty skating and strong edges make him so elusive, and his processor just serves as the motor that drives his brilliance. 

Hughes wasn’t coy at all when asked about what the plans are for Hutson. The 5’10” defender doesn’t seem to realize that he makes playing hockey like he does look so easy. It simply isn’t that easy, and it’s pretty ridiculous what he has been able to do since getting drafted. 

With likely his last shot at World Junior Championship gold approaching, Hutson’s performance will only prove what we all already knew. Hutson is an elite talent, and if his dominance continues, the Canadiens will have another core piece set in place. Quinn Hughes, Adam Fox and Cale Makar all dominated the college ranks like Hutson is doing, and they are three elite NHL defensemen.

Hutson is going to wear a Canadiens jersey sooner rather than later, with April 2024 being a real possibility. If not, then training camp in October ‘24 will mark the start of his ascension to the Canadiens blueline. Many who doubted him in the past, will soon need to give him his respect.

Hutson isn’t normal, and the Bell Centre is one of the most palpable atmospheres in hockey. Surely, he is ready to eject Habs fans out of their seats with a ridiculous play. And we now have a clear idea of when he will start his career as a Montreal Canadien.