Jayden Struble Scores First NHL Goal, & Continues To Make Smart Decisions

Los Angeles Kings v Montreal Canadiens
Los Angeles Kings v Montreal Canadiens / Minas Panagiotakis/GettyImages

It seems like an absolutely beautiful thing is happening right in front of our eyes, and Jayden Struble has only further cemented the Montreal Canadiens strength of their defence.

On Saturday night, Struble further proved why it isn't likely that Martin St. Louis sends him back to the Laval Rocket. Of his many brilliant traits, the number one characteristic that fuels everything is his smart decisions with the puck. I wouldn't say that he slows the game down, but he is so strong and smooth on his skates, that he creates time and space for himself all over the ice. And what he does with that time is what makes him such a great player.

The Greek God; as former Canadiens general manager coined Struble, is an absolute menace in the corners and in front of the net. Despite being smaller than Arber Xhekaj, he has zero problem handling himself. And he loves to hammer his opponents into the boards, playing a very mature game, even at the NHL level after just nine games.

Struble had already been well on his way to having another very solid game, making smart plays, and using his skating to open up space for himself and his linemates. But he seemed like he wanted to involve Jonathan Kovacevic in a special moment since he has been a huge mentor for Struble. So, in typical beautiful hockey story fashion, Struble scored his first NHL goal redirecting a pass from number 26 past Sabres goaltender Devon Levi.

He certainly could have achieved the feat much sooner, but he doesn't sacrifice defence for offence, and he just gets the job done. Which is the exact reason why you felt as though he would eventually cash in, since he always seems to make the right play. On top of the fact that he is a phsyical specimen, he appears to have some untapped offensive potential, and it's become less and less of a secret. Struble is a very good hockey player.

Because Martin St. Louis is in the business of help guys become good hockey players, Struble makes up exactly what the Hockey Hall of Famer will use for a long time in his lineup. Add in the fact that he stands up for his teammates and absolutely demolishes players right in their tracks. You have youself exactly what you want in a defenseman.

It has been just nine games, and that is what makes his play the most impressive, he plays like a 10-year veteran. He doesn't rely on his physical strength to help him, but he does use it in a way that allows him to be well-rounded. He is explosive and quick on his skates, and just plays with such a poise, that you question if he really is just a rookie.

Struble has arrived and he is going to be a problem for Canadiens' opponents for a long time. His goal will be the first of many, and if his first nine games are this good, boy am I looking forward to his next nine and beyond that. Hitting hard, skating fast and redirecting the puck for his first NHL goal have been the start to his script, and the sky is the limit, is a perfect cliche to describe Struble's potential.