Jacob Fowler focused on being ready, not rushing to NHL

Most players want to get to the NHL as fast as possible, but Jacob Fowler is most focused on being prepared.
Denver v Boston College
Denver v Boston College / David Berding/GettyImages

If there's one thing that stands out about the Montreal Canadiens' top goaltending prospect Jacob Fowler, it's his competitive edge, but he is also a creature of habit.

Fowler was asked about when he thinks he will start his professional career, and while he is excited for it, his response was interesting. It would be easy for him to give a response like when the coaches decide. But Fowler put an onus on developing and he isn't about to rush things.

Fowler seems calm about himself, knowing that his drive will get him close to where he needs to be. He doesn't want to rush, but embraces the journey and works to ensure that he is as ready as he needs to be. It's a process and the fact that he is focused on being prepared tells of how mature he is.

While he loves the opportunity to feel the pressure and be the one relied on when all the chips are on the table, he knows that the Bell Centre is the biggest stage. And based on his interview response, it's obvious that he doesn't want to let the moment get the best of him. Faltering to the bright lights of the Canadiens home arena has happened to many past goalies and Fowler is none too keen to join that list.

Fowler's sophomore season will be another big step

Fowler proved in his freshman season with the Boston College Eagles that his competitive edge and winning pedigree are NCAA calibre. The Clark Cup champion has proven he is the real deal at every level. But following a championship season up with an even better performance when stepping up a league is a big feat.

Pulling out another season like it would be impressive, but Fowler came so close to a Frozen Four championship in year one. So, it's hard to imagine that he wants to finish his college career before adding another title to his resumé. I'm not a betting man, but I think it's safe to assume Fowler is focused on improving his numbers and his record, which would only further the fans feeling of excitement for their hopeful future starter.