What would a hypothetical trade package for Joel Farabee look like for the Canadiens?

Joel Farabee would make the Montreal Canadiens a better hockey team, but what would the actual trade package look like should Kent Hughes inquire?
Nov 19, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Philadelphia Flyers left wing Joel Farabee (86) passes the puck
Nov 19, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Philadelphia Flyers left wing Joel Farabee (86) passes the puck / David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports
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What a Joel Farabee trade would mean for the Habs and Flyers

Before we dive into the details, check out the visual of what this trade would look like for Joel Farabee. As you can see, the Habs are still giving up quite a bit in compensation, much like the Zegras deal, but I also threw in a fourth-round pick from Philadelphia since David Savard and potentially Joshua Roy should make them a win-now team. 

Farabee Trade

Last season, the Habs had four players hit the 50-point mark, and they may have had five if Sean Monahan stuck around. Someone like Farabee, who also had 50 points (22 goals), would give the Habs not just a repeat, but a better performance. 

His presence would give them four cornerstones at forward, and possibly a fifth cornerstone if Alex Newhook keeps playing well. Much like Trevor Zegras, if the Habs made a trade that instead brought Joel Farabee to town, their top-six is nearly solidified with 25-and-under talent. 

At this point, Brendan Gallagher would complete the top-six, but someone like Owen Beck would be on their way sooner rather than later. Overall, both teams would be better versions of themselves than they were last season, with the Flyers perhaps getting just enough to break through to the NHL Playoffs.

Meanwhile, the Habs could put themselves in position to leapfrog at least the Ottawa Senators. The trade would inch them closer to postseason contention, and it would be safe to project that the team ends the year with between 85 and 90 points. 


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