What would a hypothetical trade package for Joel Farabee look like for the Canadiens?

Joel Farabee would make the Montreal Canadiens a better hockey team, but what would the actual trade package look like should Kent Hughes inquire?
Nov 19, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Philadelphia Flyers left wing Joel Farabee (86) passes the puck
Nov 19, 2022; Montreal, Quebec, CAN; Philadelphia Flyers left wing Joel Farabee (86) passes the puck / David Kirouac-USA TODAY Sports
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If the Canadiens were serious contenders to land Joel Farabee, how much would general manager Kent Hughes need to give up to make the trade work? I recently outlined why it would be an outstanding idea for the Habs to trade for Farabee if someone like Trevor Zegras wasn’t available, but I wanted to spend some time concocting what should be a fair trade package from both parties involved. 

This one took some serious thought, as the Habs wouldn’t be working a potential deal with a team in a complete rebuild, as is the case in Anaheim. The Philadelphia Flyers came too close to that unprecedented playoff berth in 2023-24, so if they worked out a deal regarding Farabee, the team trading for him must be willing to give up more than primarily future assets. 

The Flyers and Canadiens must mutually benefit from a Joel Farabee trade

Both the Canadiens and Flyers must equally benefit should the latter opt to trade Joel Farabee, and this would be a situation for each team to improve for the here and now. One reason is that the Canadiens are in a position to get more relevant in the 2024-25 season, while the Flyers surprising 2023-24 campaign should have them talking about snagging a playoff berth. 

A trade like this would require the Canadiens to give up a high-end prospect ready to take the NHL ice if the season started tomorrow. But don’t worry, we’re not talking about moving players like David Reinbacher or Logan Mailloux. There is no way the Canadiens would part ways with them, but at least one A-prospect would leave. 

Yet that’s the name of the game here since the Habs would know exactly what they’re getting in someone like Farabee. But they could also entice Flyers general manager Daniel Briere with experienced talent already on the team, experienced talent that could end up pushing the Flyers back to the NHL Playoffs.