Top 5 free agent forwards the Canadiens should pursue in the 2024 offseason

The Montreal Canadiens won’t have a ton of cap space in the offseason, so big-name free agents at forward won’t come to Quebec, but a few will fit the franchise’s budget.
Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers
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Adam Henrique may be an experienced, cost-effective addition

Like the Avalanche, the Edmonton Oilers are another organization that won’t keep everyone around who they traded for, and Adam Henrique, thanks to his age, would be looking to go elsewhere. What makes Henrique worth targeting is that he won’t be looking for the big money at this point, though he could be seeking to play for a contender. 

The latter means he wouldn’t consider coming to Montreal, but it’s also worth noting that Henrique would be heading to a franchise that is at least a step ahead of the Anaheim Ducks, who traded him to Edmonton near the deadline. So if a contender isn’t exclusively on his mind, there’s a chance Henrique could end up in Quebec.

The Canadiens have also identified much of their core, with Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield leading it as perhaps the next great one-two combo in the game. Juraj Slafkovsky looks like a former first-overall pick, and these are just a few players who are slowly making the Habs more relevant. 

If Henrique sees that up-and-coming relevancy, perhaps he looks past the team’s youth and lack of success over the past three seasons and signs. If he shows even the slightest interest, the longtime center provides depth and leadership for this young NHL team.