Former Canadien crowned Stanley Cup champion

Nick Cousins didn't exactly leave a huge mark on the Habs, but with the Florida Panthers, he was crowned Stanley Cup champion on Monday night.
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven
2024 Stanley Cup Final - Game Seven / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

While with the Montreal Canadiens, Nick Cousins racked up 22 points through 58 games in his lone season with the club.

Cousins wasn't a big-time performer, but more a cheap option that filled a forward spot and didn't hurt the team. In Florida, he has essentially been more of the same, a top-nine presence, who has a knack for getting under the opposition's skin. If he is throwing the opponents off their game, he is doing his job.

So, while he wasn't a huge contributor for the Canadiens or Panthers, he played an effective role in the teams' bottom six. His scrappy style and nose for the dirty areas are ideal for the playoffs. During the Panthers cup run, Cousins registered one assist through 12 games.

Simply put, however, Cousins was entwined perfectly into the culture that made the Panthers successful. They are tough to play against, because they play so physically, finishing their checks as often as possible. Anything to wear down the opposition is what the Panthers did and that is the exact way that Cousins is wired to play the game.

Cousins stayed just one season with the Canadiens and then left for greener pastures, but during his time with the Canadiens, he added to the scrappiness element of the organization. Along with Max Domi and Brendan Gallagher, Cousins was a smaller player, whose heart was as big as a lion. It's easy to forget about him, because he didn't have a lot of time to make an impact with the Habs, nor did he contribute to the team's success like Domi or Gallagher.

But with that said, he has his name on the Stanley Cup and judging by the fact that he played 12 games, he was an effective piece of the puzzle. Cousins was a solid piece for the Panthers last season, where they came up short against the Vegas Golden Knights. He scored seven points, which doesn't sound like a lot, but he also doesn't play any special teams minutes.

Almost universally hated, because of his play style; Cousins is etched into the history of Lord Stanley's holy grail.