An early look at the Canadiens biggest needs for the 2024 NHL Draft

The Montreal Canadiens have one of the deeper prospects pools, but the 2024 NHL Draft can parlay it into something epic if Kent Hughes calls out the right names.
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Another goaltender would be an excellent find in the later rounds

The goaltending class isn’t that good this season, with Tankaton placing only Ryerson Leenders in its rankings at 78th overall. But with over 10 picks in the 2024 draft, Kent Hughes must seriously consider adding at least one or two in the later rounds, as only Boston College’s Jacob Fowler was good enough to hit the top 15 this season. 

Not that someone like Leenders or whomever is available on the board will immediately be a top 15 prospect should Hughes select a goaltender, but it’s more than worth rolling with a high-potential player between Rounds 4 through 7. Unless he’s interested in Leenders, whom he will likely need to use one of his two third-round picks on. 

As with the other two positions listed, the object is to just get names into the organizational depth chart. Fowler is great, and if his performance at Boston College gives us any indication of his true potential, there is a good chance he ends up in Quebec a few years from now, perhaps creating a tandem with Cayden Primeau. 

But it’s always wise to add some much-needed insurance that can develop into at least a high-end organizational depth piece. The 2024 class may only have one (or a few) goaltenders worth taking in the mid-rounds, depending on whose rankings you look at, but each netminder taken could become that next unprecedented asset for your franchise. 

(Statistics provided by Elite Prospects)


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