One dream, one realistic, and one bargain player the Canadiens can sign in NHL free agency

The Montreal Canadiens could find a way to be active in NHL free agency, and maybe they will find a way to land a dream candidate.
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Realistic Free Agent: Daniel Sprong, Detroit Red Wings

Daniel Sprong is one of the sneakier good options in NHL free agency this year and a top depth or complementary scorer on the market. He’s snagged 39 goals over the past two seasons and 89 points, with 43 of them coming with the Detroit Red Wings this past season. And best yet, Sprong wouldn’t take up a spot over or block a prospect looking to rise and join the big club. 

Ideally, in Quebec, he would play in the middle-six, but he has lately exclusively played on the lower lines. But even from the fourth line, he’s productive, and that was the case while with the Red Wings this past season. Despite the number of points accumulated, Sprong only averaged 12 minutes of ice time per game, so seeing his productivity with such little playing time indicates that he makes the most out of his shifts. 

While it didn’t show this past season, Sprong is also decent in Corsi For at even strength, having snagged a 50.3 rating since he entered the league in 2015-16. He was also strong on the power play, being on the ice for 20 goals at 5-on-4 with an on-ice shooting percentage of 17.1 to go with it. 

If he ended up in a place like Montreal, Quebec, Sprong is a likely reasonable rental who would probably head elsewhere after one season. But he’s a player who would make the Habs more respectable offensively in the interim, and that’s all they would need until a prospect rises up and sets the stage to take the spot next season.